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What is a LaserCap?

What Is A LaserCap?

Every day, the average person loses about 100 hairs from their scalp. While most people grow those hairs back, some will not due to age, genetics, hormonal changes, medical conditions and stress. As technology evolves, the medical professionals and scientists at LaserCapRX have developed a revolutionary technology that has been proven to regrow hair in both men and women. This technology is known as Low-Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) and our original, FDA-cleared LaserCap technology. 

How does LaserCap therapy work?

Each hair on your head grows in a characteristic cycle with several phases, including:

  • The growth phase (anagen phase)
  • Resting (telogen phase)
  • Shedding phase (catagen phase)

When men and women are affected by androgenic alopecia, their hair follicles essentially shrink over time, and the growth phase becomes shorter and shorter with each cycle. As a result, each cycle produces a hair shorter and thinner than the last, a process called miniaturization.

Low-level laser therapy is one of the most effective ways to treat the progression of hair loss today. Our original LaserCap uses LLLT to re-energize inactive hair follicles. Red laser light is absorbed by specialized cells deep within the follicle, providing energy to enhance cellular respiration and hair growth. As a result, the hair follicles become awakened from their inactive state and produce thicker, healthier hair. 

Benefits of our LaserCap 


Effective treatment backed by science. There is strong scientific evidence showing that LLLT works for treating hair loss, unlike many other products and solutions.

Safe and natural. There are virtually no serious adverse effects when using the LaserCap. Our product is natural and drug-free.

Versatile. Our original LaserCap works for almost all hair loss patients, including both men and women, and in combination with all other treatments for hair loss.

Convenient. LaserCap is easy to use and doesn’t require messy creams, lotions, etc.


LaserCap therapy offers an easy, non-surgical option for individuals battling hair loss or would like to have thicker, fuller hair. 

Our Original LaserCap 

Our original LaserCap is a safe, effective, and portable device designed to deliver laser therapy to the scalp conveniently and discreetly. The key to LaserCap’s prescription-strength treatment is pulsed-wave light emission. This means that the device turns off and on its lasers many times per second during a treatment causing them to blink, or flicker. Doing so allows the laser diodes to cool during the fraction of a second when they switch off. As a result, when the lasers switch back on, they can deliver light at a higher intensity without excessive build-up of heat. 

Restore your natural hair with LaserCap – the original laser therapy cap, FDA-cleared for hair regrowth in men and women. 

Are you ready to get your own LaserCap? Speak with a licensed doctor in your area today!

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