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Frequently Asked Questions

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The LaserCap is a home-use medical device indicated to treat hair loss in men and women with androgenic alopecia. It is a light and flexible cap, lined with laser diodes, and designed to be word discretely underneath most hats. LaserCap is powered by a portable and rechargeable battery pack, and when turned on, it illuminates your hair follicles with 650 nm red light. This specific kind of light can be absorbed by the cells of your hair follicles where it is converted into energy that is used to promote hair growth. This is a treatment called Low-Level-Laser Therapy, or LLLT, which has been shown in many high quality studies to be effective at treating thinning and balding due to androgenic alopecia.

Yes. LaserCap is FDA-cleared to promote hair growth in men and women with androgenic alopecia, also known as male or female pattern hair loss. Specifically, LaserCap is indicated by the FDA to promote hair growth in men and women with Androgenic Alopecia, Fitzpatrick Skin Phototypes I to IV, Ludwig-Savin classifications of I-II in women, and Hamilton-Norwood classifications of IIa-V in men.

We provide three different models of the LaserCap – the LaserCap SD, the LaserCap HD, and the LaserCap HD+. These differ in price point, area of coverage, and a dose of energy delivered per treatment. For more information about the different LaserCap models please visit Our Products

Your provider will help you to make this decision. However, in general, the standard size of LaserCap SD and LaserCap HD will be suitable for most patients. Between these two models, the HD may be more suitable for patients with more advanced hair loss. The LaserCap HD+ is best suited for patients with a larger head size or diffuse thinning.

In addition to The LaserCap, battery pack, and AC wall charger, every LaserCap comes with a sturdy aluminum carrying case, baseball cap, and a user instruction manual.

It is recommended you use LaserCap for 30 minutes every other day. However, your prescribing physician may recommend an alternative treatment protocol.

If you are compliant with your treatment protocol, typically you will have noticeable improvement in 4 to 6 months.

Yes. LaserCap is effective in combination with all other medications for hair loss including minoxidil and finasteride. In fact, several studies have shown that Low-Level-Light Therapy in combination with these medications improves their efficacy.

Yes. LaserCap will not negatively affect the results of hair transplant surgery. In fact, some doctors may recommend LaserCap after hair transplant surgery to maintain non-transplanted hair in problem areas. Some experts furthermore hypothesize that Low-Level-Light Therapy may enhance the survival and healing of transplanted grafts post-surgery.

Yes. LaserCap is effective in combination with all procedural based treatments for hair loss that are designed to restore a person’s natural hair.

Yes. LaserCap and dermarolling, a form of microneedling, are effective in combination with each other.

Like all other non surgical-treatments for hair-loss, improvements may gradually decrease if use is discontinued.

LaserCap results may vary between patients. Some patients experience a reversal of their hair loss, whereas for others the progression of their hair loss may stop or slow. Patients with advanced hair loss may also not attain meaningful results with LaserCap alone. These characteristics are common to all non-surgical treatments for hair loss.

The LaserCap has an excellent safety profile, and is not associated with any serious adverse effects. A small percentage of LaserCap users have reported a mild headache, and minor pruritus of the scalp (an itchy or tingling sensation). If experienced at all, these side effects are always transient, occurring only during use.

Yes. Similar to minoxidil, some patients will experience shedding, particularly when they first begin treatment. This is a normal part of the hair regrowth process.

Yes. A small amount of warmth during treatment is expected. Some experts hypothesize this may, in fact, may improve results due to increased blood flow. If your device feels excessively warm and is causing you discomfort, please contact LaserCap Company customer service at 1-855-424-7774 or at

Yes. LaserCap users are covered by a lifetime warranty policy, which is superior to the warranty of any comparable device on the market. The warranty policy covers against defects in materials or workmanship. Within the first 3 years after the date of purchase, LaserCap company will repair or replace your device for a like model at no charge. After 3 years from the date of purchase, LaserCap Company will repair or replace your device with a like model for a nomial fee. LaserCap company will also replace battery packs at no charge within the 1 year after the date of purchase. After one year from date of purchase, new battery packs must be purchased by the user.

Yes. We have a 1 year satisfaction guarantee that allows for returns of the LaserCap device within 1 year from date of purchase minus a 25% return fee, along with shipping charges, credit card fees, taxes, and any additional fees incurred by LaserCap Company or their authorized physician partners.

The predicted lifespan of a LaserCap is 5 years. However, we have patients who have been using the same device for over a decade, with no need for repair or replacement.

You can purchase replacement parts such as battery packs, chargers, carrying cases, and hats at our online store or by contacting LaserCap customer service at 1-855-424-7774 or at

Please contact our customer service team at 1-855-424-7774 or email us at

If your LaserCap will not turn on, has light’s out, or is malfunctioning in some other way please contact our customer service team at 1-855-424-7774 or at

For questions of this nature, we recommend you first contact your prescriber’s office. However, you may also contact LaserCap customer service at 1-855-424-7774 or at

Yes! LaserCap is effective in both men and women.

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